WARNING! This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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How to properly store Mylé pods? Do they have an expiration date?

While Myle Vape Pods have an expiration date of 18 months from the date of manufacture, they should be used as soon as possible after purchase. To maintain the best taste, we recommend that you use your pod within 15 days of opening it. You may notice a difference in flavor or quality after 18 months. To help ensure the quality of the Myle Vape Pods, store them unopened at room temperature in a dry environment. Myle Vape Pods should always be kept out of the reach of children and pets when stored. Please keep in mind that once your Myle Vape Pod is empty, we recommend recycling it in an appropriate container.

How many puffs are in each Myle Pod?

Myle Vape Pods contain approximately 240 puffs per pod. It could be more or less than that. It all depends on how much breath-in. One pod is roughly equivalent to a standard pack of cigarettes.be kept out of the reach of children and pets when stored. Please keep in mind that once your Myle Vape Pod is empty, we recommend recycling it in an appropriate container.

What should I do if my Myle Pod leaks?

If you've been vaping on the same coil for a week or more, leaking is unavoidable. It may be an unpleasant sensation, but don't be alarmed; leaking vapes are more common than you realize. Usually, the solution is very simple. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with your device and everything to do with how you use it, which is usually because of user error.  To avoid leaking your MYLÉ pod, follow these tips for use. 

1. Disconnect the pod from the battery and place a tissue on the pod's bottom.

2. Blow gently through the mouthpiece a few times to force any excess e-liquid out and onto the tissue.

3. Re-insert the pod and try once more.

If your Myle pod still leaks, please contact us for customer support.

What should I do if my Myle pods do not work with my Myle device?

Make sure the device and pod versions are the same. If they are the same, you will notice that pods fit easily into the device due to a magnetic connection. To find the official MYLÉ websites in your country, go to the Myle Global page.

The MYLÉ pod package was dripping wet. What am I supposed to do?

You might assume that if you get caught in a rainstorm or drop your vape in the sink, you'll have to replace it. Fortunately, getting your vape wet isn't the end of the world—water won't ruin the mechanism. Use the cleaning instructions below to keep your vape from corroding and delivering perfect puffs.

1. If your vape got wet and it's not a box mod, remove the battery and let it air dry, even if there doesn't appear to be any moisture around it.

2. Take out the tank and empty any e-liquid or vape juice inside. To remove any remaining build-up or residue, dab a cloth in unflavored, high-proof vodka and wipe down the inside of the tank thoroughly.

3. To remove the nicotine and e-liquid build-up, fill a bowl with the same high-proof vodka. Allow the coil heads to soak in the solution for an hour or two. After the build-up has been removed, rinse the coils under running water, followed by a distilled water rinse. The coils should then be allowed to air dry for about a day or until all the moisture has evaporated.

Can I bring my Myle Vape on the airplane?

You may pack as many Myle Vape Pods as you can fit in a quart bag. Vapes, e-cigarettes, and spare lithium batteries are only permitted in carry-on luggage. Passengers should never use their vapes or e-cigarettes on an aircraft, just as they should not smoke cigarettes. It is not only dangerous, but it is also a federal offense. If a passenger does this, the plane may be diverted and Transportation security officers may arrest that passenger. Please keep in mind that the Myle Vape may slightly leak due to cabin air pressure.

What materials MYLÉ devices and pods are made of?

The aluminium body of the MYLÉ houses a battery, a printed circuit board, and a pressure sensor that is independent of the liquid. The case of the MYLÉ pod is made of heat-resistant food-grade plastic, and the steam channel is made of stainless steel. The wick is made of silica thread, which is industry standard, and the spiral atomizer is made of Nichrome (Ni-80). An atomizer needs to be added. Back to the box mod. It works just like electronic cigarettes. An atomizer is built into the flashlight, which screws into the bottom of the battery. The end of the atomizer fits into the cartridge with the liquid.

Do I need to clean MYLÉ pods?

Cleaning your pod usually saves you money and time because the pod will last longer. It will also protect you from the unpleasant taste of vape juice residue. Another reason to clean your device is to keep the pods from leaking and damaging the battery.

Cleaning Procedures

1. Begin by taking out the pod. Using a microfiber cloth, clean the battery's surface. Turn the battery upside down and gently press the pins until all the juice insides has been absorbed.

2. When e-liquid leaks from the cartridge to the pod, it leaves behind a sticky substance that may necessitate additional attention.

Dip a cotton swab into alcohol until it is moderately wet.

3. Check that the pod is properly installed in the tank. Replace the battery and refill your cartridge with your favorite vape juice. Check to ensure that all the pod's components have been returned to their proper locations.

When cleaning your myle pod, use as much dry material as possible. However, if there is a leak, begin by using tweezers. Only use alcohol as a last resort.

How is the MYLÉ pod constructed?

MYLÉ devices employ a closed thermal control system, which ensures that the necessary amount of thermal energy is always delivered to the MYLÉ pod.

Is MYLÉ liquid available separately from MYLÉ pods?

At the moment, the liquid for our devices is only available in MYLÉ pods.

What is the composition of the liquid in MYLÉ pods?

MYLÉ Labs has created its own electronic device liquid formula. PG (Propylene glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), food flavoring, and nicotine are the four key ingredients in e-liquid.  An atomizer (metallic or ceramic coil) heats the solution and converts it to vapor, which you inhale through the mouthpiece of your myle vape pods. Myle pods contain 0.9ml of e-liquid with a nicotine content of 2% and 5%. (approximately 45 mg / 20 mg, given that 1 ml contains 50 mg).

Do you plan to release the MYLÉ nicotine-free pods?

Nicotine is now present in all MYLÉ pods. Some e-cigarette brands claim to be nicotine-free, but they have been discovered to contain nicotine.

In the MYLÉ pod, how much nicotine is there?

Myle pods contain 0.9ml of e-liquid with a nicotine content of 2% or 5%. MYLÉ pods have nicotine concentrations of 0 mg, 1.5 mg, and 3.5 mg per pod, which are shown on the packaging.

Is it possible to refill MYLÉ pods?

Yes! you can also refill your own Myle pods. When you refill your pods, the already low-cost Myle vape becomes even more affordable. You can buy bottled e-liquid and refill your pods multiple times before discarding them. Pre-filled MYLÉ pods, on the other hand, are not reusable and cannot be refilled.

Is it possible for me to open the MYLÉ pod?

For your safety, we do not recommend opening the MYLÉ pod. Pods are not meant to be reused. You'll break one of the two top pins that the pods attach to if you keep trying to force it out. They're springy pins, and if you press too hard on them, they'll break and never spring out to connect with the pod.

How do I charge my MYLÉ device properly?

It includes a built-in battery and a magnetic charging base. The Myle vaping kit has become extremely popular. A Micro USB charging cable is included with all MYLÉ devices. It is recommended that you use the original Micro USB cable to charge your device. A green LED light will turn on and blink while the battery is charging, showing that the battery is charging. Three green solid LED lights will illuminate when the battery is fully charged.

How long does a fully charged MYLÉ battery last?

The battery charges in just 30 minutes from flat to full and lasts for about a day on a full charge. However, it depends on the amount of use, but a fully charged battery will usually last for the entire day, or for the duration of one pod's use. Keep your MYLÉ device charged by charging it when it is not in use.

What is the best way to store my MYLÉ device?

Keep your MYLÉ devices dry and at room temperature in their original packaging. Store the Myle Vape device unopened at room temperature in a dry environment to help ensure its quality. When not in use, keep the Myle Vape device out of the reach of children and pets. Please remember to recycle your Myle Vape device once it is empty.

What should I do if my device isn't working properly?

Don't panic if your Myle vape has stopped working properly.  The MYLÉ Devices are covered by a one-year warranty. You will receive a replacement device.

My MYLÉ battery is not charging properly?

The answer is the so-called idle current, which is neither expensive nor complicated. Attempt to use a different power source. Using a dry cotton swab, clean the metal contact pins on the MYLÉ and the charger. Using a toothpick or a dry, clean brush, try to remove any visible dirt on the contact pins. If the issue persists, please contact MYLÉ support.

What should I do if the LED light on my Myle device flashes in different colors?

Remove the MYLÉ pod from the device and replace it. If the issue persists, please contact MYLÉ support.

Can I carry my MYLÉ on the airplane?

As many Myle Vape Devices as you want can fit in a quart bag. Vapes, e-cigarettes, and spare lithium batteries are only permitted as carry-on items. Passengers should not use vapes or e-cigarettes on planes, and they should not smoke cigarettes either. Not only is it dangerous, but it is also illegal. If a passenger does this, the flight may be diverted and the passenger may be detained by transportation security officers. Please be aware that the Myle Vape may leak slightly due to cabin air pressure.

The MYLÉ device is not charging?

Make sure the power adapter is plugged in and try restarting the charge again Before contacting the MYLÉ support team, try cleaning the contacts on the MYLÉ device and charger devices with a dry or swab. If the issue persists, please contact MYLÉ support.

When not in use, the MYLÉ Device automatically turns on?

Toggle your MYLÉ Device on or off by double-pressing the device's rim. Plaque or moisture on the MYLÉ pod contacts or inside the device can affect the internal sensor and impair the pod's fixation in the device. With a dry cotton swab, clean the slot in the device where the pods are inserted. If dirt has accumulated on the contact pins, clean the pod and the connector beneath it with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab. If the issue persists, please contact MYLÉ support.