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Welcome to Myle V4 Pod, a premium category in, your trusted source for Myle products in the UAE. We are proud to be the leading supplier for Myle V4 Pods across various locations including Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Fujairah. Each Myle V4 Pod offers a unique vaping experience with superior quality and satisfaction, making it a preferred choice for our loyal customers in the region. Enjoy an unparalleled vaping experience with Myle V4 Pod, where quality meets convenience.

Our Exclusive Myle V4 Pod Collection

We offer an extensive range of Myle V4 Pod flavors to cater to your unique preferences. Below is a detailed list of our product collection:

  • Myle V4 Iced Quad Berry Pods: Experience a refreshing blast of four delicious berries, perfectly iced for a revitalizing vape experience.
  • Myle V4 Sweet Mango Pods: Savor the pure, tropical taste of sweet mangoes with every puff.
  • Myle V4 Red Apple Pods: Delight in the crisp and sweet flavors of red apples.
  • Myle V4 Iced Coffee Pods: Enjoy the rich, invigorating taste of iced coffee in a vape pod.
  • Myle V4 Pound Cake Pods: Indulge in the classic, buttery sweetness of pound cake.
  • Myle V4 Tropical Fruit Mix Pods: Relish a vibrant mix of tropical fruits, perfect for an exotic vaping experience.
  • Myle V4 Pink Lemonade Pods: Experience a tangy-sweet fusion of pink lemonade flavors.
  • Myle V4 Iced Watermelon Pods: Enjoy a refreshing, cool burst of sweet watermelon.
  • Myle V4 Cubano Pods: Savor the robust flavors of Cubano cigars, blended perfectly for a rich vaping experience.
  • Myle V4 Peppermint Cane Pods: Indulge in the cool and refreshing taste of peppermint cane.
  • Myle V4 Empty Refillable Pods: Customize your vaping experience with our empty, refillable pods.
  • Myle V4 Lemon Mint Pods: Delight in a refreshing blend of zesty lemon and cool mint.
  • Myle V4 Peach Pods: Discover the sweet, succulent flavor of ripe peaches.
  • Myle V4 Iced Apple Mango Pods: Experience a tropical blend of apples and mangoes, perfectly chilled.
  • Myle V4 Lush Ice Pods: Enjoy the cool, refreshing taste of melon mixed with menthol.
  • Myle V4 Sweet Tobacco Pods: Savor the rich, sweet undertones of traditional tobacco.
  • Myle V4 Iced Mint Pods: Relish the refreshing burst of cool mint.
  • Myle V4 Mighty Mint Pods: Experience an invigorating vape experience with the powerful flavor of mint.

Each of our Myle V4 Pods offers a distinct flavor profile, meticulously crafted for an unforgettable vaping experience. Explore our collection and find your perfect match.

Why Choose Myle V4 Pods?

Choosing Myle V4 Pods offers a multitude of benefits for consuмers across Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Fujairah. The pods are designed with advanced vaping technology, ensuring a smooth, consistent, and satisfying experience with each puff. They are leak-resistant, easy-to-use, and deliver full-bodied flavor. High-quality ingredients are used to create a variety of authentic and unique flavors, providing a diverse selection for every palate. The Myle V4 Pods have a high nicotine capacity, making them a cost-effective choice for regular users. They are also compact and portable, making them ideal for on-the-go vaping. With Myle V4 Pods, you are not just purchasing a product, but investing in a superior vaping experience.

Benefits of Our Myle V4 Pods

Benefits of Our Myle V4 Pods

Our Myle V4 Pod Collection is not just about offering a variety of flavors but also about delivering an overall superior vaping experience. The Myle V4 Pods are designed with your satisfaction in mind, providing smooth, full-bodied flavor that consistently hits the mark. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or a beginner, our collection has something to suit your taste. Experience the refreshing coolness of our Myle V4 Iced Quad Berry Pods, or the robust, rich experience of our Myle V4 Cubano Pods. No matter your preference, ensures a top-notch vaping experience with every Myle V4 Pod you purchase.

In addition to our popular Myle V4 Pod Collection, we also offer a selection of Myle V4 Devices, Myle V5 Meta Pods, and Myle V5 Meta Devices. These collections continue our tradition of quality and satisfaction, offering advanced vaping technology in a variety of designs and flavors. Whether you're seeking the compact, easy-to-use design of our Myle V4 Devices, the unique flavor profiles of our Myle V5 Pods, or the advanced features of our Myle V5 Devices, you'll find a product that perfectly meets your vaping needs. Explore our diverse collections at today.

Features of Myle V4

The Myle V4 Pods are packed with features that enhance your vaping experience:

  • Specification Amount: Each box contains 4 MYLÉ V4 Magnetic Pods, offering multiple sessions before needing a refill.
  • Flavor: The flavor you receive is the one you select from our extensive range, ensuring a personalized vaping experience.
  • E-Juice: The pods are filled with Salt Nicotine (SaltNic), providing a strong and satisfying nicotine hit.
  • Nicotine by Volume/Pod: Each pod contains either 5% or 2% nicotine by volume, catering to different levels of nicotine preference.
  • Puffs/Pod (approx.): Each pod provides approximately 240 puffs, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.
  • MYLÉ Version: These pods are compatible with the Myle V4 devices, demonstrating their advanced technology.
  • SaltNic Quantity: Each pod contains 0.9ml of SaltNic, offering a substantial amount for a satisfying vape experience.

These features highlight the superior quality and design of Myle V4 Pods, delivering a reliable, satisfying, and personalized vaping experience with every use.

FAQ of Mylé V4 Magnetic Pods

How long does a Myle V4 Pod last? menu plus

The lifespan of a Myle V4 Pod varies based on individual usage patterns. However, typically, a pod lasts for approximately 240 puffs, equivalent to about 1 - 2 days for a regular vaper.

Can I refill my Myle V4 Pod with e-liquid? menu plus

Myle V4 Pods are not designed to be refillable. However, we offer Myle V4 Empty Refillable Pods for those who wish to customize their vaping experience with their choice of e-liquid.

How do I know when my Myle V4 Pod is empty? menu plus

When the e-liquid level in your pod nears the bottom or if you start experiencing a burnt or unpleasant taste, it usually means your Myle V4 Pod is empty and should be replaced.

Can the Myle V4 Pods be used with any device? menu plus

No, Myle V4 Pods are specifically designed to work with the Myle V4 Device. They may not be compatible with other vaping devices.

Are Myle V4 Pods safe? menu plus

Yes, Myle V4 Pods are designed with safety in mind. They are leak-resistant and use high-quality ingredients. However, as with any vaping device, they should be used responsibly and kept out of reach of children.

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